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Think One Source for Event Production

Cut out the headache from hiring too many vendors to make your event a success.
One expert team for all your needs results in a streamlined planning process, surefire execution and cohesive look & feel every time.

We tell your story with creativity, authenticity and innovation. 

Design & Production

We work with planners to communicate a clear and strong vision of their event. Then, we collaborate to create a custom design that effectively delivers their message. Production is a step-by-step process handled in-house by our team of experts to ensure that every detail— from stage, to room decor, to table elements—  is precisely brought to life.

No project is too large or too custom, whether it’s a large-scale complex convention or a high-profile gala. We have the technology,  expertise and production capacity to succeed.  

Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Rendering & CAD Drawings

As a client, you deserve to get what you want and know what you’re getting. We create custom 3D renderings with extreme attention to detail to show you exactly how our vision will come together. While we take pride in our accuracy of these designs, our clients tend to exclaim: “it’s better than the rendering!”

Concept & 3D Branding

Branding a corporate event even in minor ways can result in a major impact. We work with clients to help them decide the most effective ways to reach their audience through powerful visuals, often using innovative or unexpected platforms.

This goes much deeper than logos printed on everything:  We take cues from your existing branding to incorporate the subtle elements that make your brand so unique.
This offers your guests a totally customized experience.

Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Stage, Exhibit & Environment

We create impactful environments that help you most effectively tell your story. Whether that’s on a stage or an exhibit floor, we take a boutique, hands-on approach to learn about what’s important to you and illustrate it in every detail of a design. 

A solid stage backdrop sets the tone of your event, prior to even introducing the keynote speaker or opening act to your audience. Our backgrounds in art and theater are put to use in creating richly layered event experiences and purpose-driven stage designs for corporate meetings, general sessions, breathtaking galas and beyond.


Lighting, Media & A/V

With an award winning lighting designer as our President, we understand the power of lighting in creating dramatic experiences. Our collective background on the technical side of live events means we know how to identify, highlight and deliver these elements to support both your content and the environment we create.


Graphics & Props

Some of our clients trust us to consult with them on graphic design to ensure the content supports their overall goals and brand strategy. Many trust us to handle their entire range of special marketing collateral needs, brand the space, and generally to energize and uplift their audience.

Centerpieces & Plants

We were founded on flowers back in 1993. Let us enhance the ambiance of your event with fresh table centerpieces. Our dedicated floral designers hand arrange them all in our studio – this is one of the many differences that sets us apart from other major event companies.

It’s truly magic inside a ballroom when 300 centerpieces coordinate perfectly with the stage set, lighting, table settings to bring a theme to life.  That’s what you get with Encore Decor. 

Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Hospitality Décor

We craft weekly floral arrangements and monthly plant installments for hotel, residential, and office building lobbies. No matter what the existing decor is, our promise is to work with a client to master a design that is just right for their property, every time.

Also ask about our professional holiday decorating services.



Staging, Carpet & Furniture

Form and function are at the root of all we do to support Washington’s most prestigious special events. Curated furniture to complement the ambiance of an event space, custom staging to support your night’s biggest act and specialty carpeting to cater to your VIP guests are details we take to heart when designing an extraordinary event. 

Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Drapes, Banners & Backdrops

Let us help create the ambiance you desire to support your theme.  From custom fabrications to banners, or one of the many existing backdrops we own, we can offer a dynamic setting to highlight any important area of your event. 


When planning an engaging event, show-stopping entertainment is as important as the decor that fills an environment. Through our extensive network of entertainment agencies we can bundle this important event element into any custom proposal of services.

Encore Decor's Services

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