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These are the faces behind the creativity and the day-to-day processes that drive excellent events.
We all come from unique backgrounds and different walks of life, and perhaps that is what gives us the combined talent
to bend the rules in event design, to innovate,  to not overlook any detail, and to always look out for our client first.

Ken Rosen


With a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy, Ken has grown a sleepy-eyed traditional flower shop into today’s Encore Décor. As a result, Encore Décor is a recognized leader inside Washington and points beyond.
As president and chief operating officer of Encore Décor, Ken spearheaded the movement positioning the company squarely within the event production arena while offering corporate and social clients a wide range of services ranging from set design and custom props to table
top decor in addition floral design services.
Ken is a hands-on manager of daily operations and prides himself on, as he is often heard telling clients, “making the train run on time.” After all, it’s all about execution. Adhering to this core value, Ken has built the company’s solid reputation of providing superior service and products at competitive prices. Surrounded by a staff of seasoned and talented design professionals, Encore Décor is a strong regional player currently pursuing the special events industry on a national scale.


VP/ Creative Director

Hilary Howes, an Award Winning Exhibit, and Entertainment Designer, joined Encore Décor in 2012 to create transformative environments for clients’ most memorable events. Her background includes creating dramatic stage sets for directors concepts and enticing exhibits for clients brands that has morphed into making total experiences for Encore Decor. In addition, Hilary is an internationally published expert on color and design. As a Chairholder in the Color Marketing Group, she assures your events will have leading edge style and color. Telling your story through the medium of sets, props, table top decor and floral design is how she begins every project. Furthermore, seeing it though the entire production process to it’s spectacular completion is her unending joy. When not leading her creative team she is most likely captaining a sailboat on the Chesapeake.

Sara Johnson

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Sara joined the team seven years ago as an Event Producer with a background in event floral design. She is equal parts creative and results-driven, and her attentiveness to the needs of each client quickly led to a steady growth in business. Now she serves as Sales and Marketing Manager, focusing primarily on business development and catapulting the company into the new decade with a strong digital presence. You’ve probably seen her around at local industry networking events. Sara is passionate about crafting rich event environments and continues to exercise her creative thinking skills at home each and every night while trying to coax her two-year-old, Wyatt, to taste his vegetables, and finally, fall asleep.



Production Manager

Liz brings over thirty years of experience to the Encore Decor team. Her background includes theatrical properties design, stage management, lighting and audio visual, convention services, and extensive logistics training. Liz takes the success of your event very personally and will work tirelessly from start to finish to make sure every detail is just so. We’re not entirely convinced she’s not part machine. When not making magic with us, Liz designs props for DC theaters and follows 80’s British rock stars around the country.

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