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The glam, the glitz, the governor needs special seating! Important details sum up the stress that comes with planning an extraordinary Gala. We want to make sure yours turns heads, brightens eyes and makes smiles shine. From the sight of the stage, the warmth of the lighting, to hundreds of feet of drape softening the event space, our creative team has handled it all.

Take a look how we transformed the breathtaking Atrium of the Reagan Building for the prestigious Aerospace Spotlight Awards Gala.

Encore Decor Events


All work and no play makes for unhappy employees. The backbone of any great company is comprised of each and every employee. So treat your team— whether to a Halloween blast or even a night out at the Disco, we’ve got options and ideas galore to make your employees forget about their daily commute.

Our futuristic approach to Yardi Systems annual event at the Washington Hilton, themed “Inspired by Innovation”, resulted in custom chrome peacock tail bar backs, an architectural eleven-foot metallic arch, as well as inflatable glowing forms and modern table settings. Take a peek at the excitement!

Encore Decor Events


Booths? Registration Desks? Welcome Floor Graphics? On-site Exhibitor Assistance? Yep. Got it. Check. We can help you check off your list more than just a line item. Full Production coverage, just one company away.

Oh yeah, we know the importance of business development. Let’s help your business develop seamlessly by streamlining the process. Call us to chat about what you have loved from previous events and want to avoid for future gatherings.

We’ll help you get the ideas flowing!

Encore Decor Events


There is more than enough going on during the holidays than to make the intern decorate the office building. Leave it to the professionals, our design team will create custom looks whether you are traditional or modern, we’ve got you covered like snowfall and the DC Metro Area.

Encore Decor Events


Arguably the most common event we attend in out adult lives, the wedding season can be brutal. While we aren’t a source for bridal gowns, we still pitch in. Centerpieces, linens, drape, wait… a chuppah? Sure. We take a Bride’s wish with every ounce of love, after all, Prince Charming has to do all that work picking out one suit. We are sincerely here to help, so let us.

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