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We span several generations and even hire them that way. With our family you actually get one. Fathers, daughters, even brothers. With backgrounds that come from both coasts of US we hail from Korea, Jamaica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Africa and of course, our nation’s capitol.

Ken Rosen

Ken Rosen


With a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy, Ken has grown a sleepy-eyed traditional flower shop into today’s Encore Décor. As a result, Encore Décor is a recognized leader inside Washington and points beyond.

As president and chief operating officer of Encore Décor, Ken spearheaded the movement positioning the company squarely within the event production arena while offering corporate and social clients a wide range of services ranging from set design and custom props to table top decor in addition floral design services.

Ken is a hands-on manager of daily operations and prides himself on, as he is often heard telling clients, “making the train run on time.” After all, it’s all about execution.

Adhering to this core value, Ken has built the company’s solid reputation of providing superior service and products at competitive prices. Surrounded by a staff of seasoned and talented design professionals, Encore Décor is a strong regional player currently pursuing the special events industry on a national scale.

Hilary Howes

Hilary Howes

VP/Creative Director

Hilary Howes, an Award Winning Exhibit, and Entertainment Designer, joins Encore Décor to create transformative environments for clients’ most memorable events. Her background includes creating dramatic stage sets, directors concepts, exhibits, and clients brands has morphed into making total experiences for Encore Decor.

In addition, Hilary is an internationally published expert on color and design. As a Chairholder in the Color Marketing Group, she assures your events will have leading edge style and color. Telling your story through the medium of sets, props, table top decor and floral design is how she begins every project. Furthermore, seeing it though the entire production process to it’s spectacular completion is her unending joy.

Bobby Imperial

Bobby Imperial

Event Producer

Bobby—a recent transplant from San Diego, where he specialized in managing nationwide events—brings a new flavor to the Encore Decor ensemble. His experience in developing ambiance and flow has truly enhanced the Encore standard of breathtaking productions.

Originally starting his career in graphic design, Bobby soon realized that combining design with intrigue and enhancing audience experience was his passion. His ability to assess projects from different perspectives has become his source for creative development, which he fine tunes in his own clever and fun way. While he is often behind the scenes, he spends a lot of time creating magic and searching for the newest trends to add to his craft.

Oscar Andrade

Oscar Andrade

Manager of Operations and Floral Design

Always bringing the ‘flower power,’ Oscar is a creative leader whom currently manages our plant and floral subscription division and staff. He gets the job right the first time and is ready to solve most any problem that may arise.

Specializing in floral mechanics and design with an impressive twenty years of experience in the industry, his insight into special events comes naturally and with much skill.

Sara Harmon

Sara Harmon

Associate Producer

Sara joined the Encore Decor creative team in April 2015 and has since impressed clients with innovative floral concepts and designs. A second-generation florist, and third in the event industry, she has spent over five years engaging with special events consumers. Her adapted blend of traditional floral values coupled with her understanding of the needs of today’s client has brought a new and unique perspective to Encore Decor. Combined with a perky can-do attitude and eager to learn spirit, she has been a welcome addition to our team.

Jay Harmon

Jay Harmon

Technical Director

With over 25 years under his belt in the event industry, Jay is a master florist by all accounts. He owned and operated a highly renowned flower shop in DC for over twenty-five years. As a result, he has earned the reputation as one of the highest respected designers in the area. Now his skills in carpentry and production have made him an invaluable member to the Encore Decor team. Because of Jay’s know-how to create breathtaking decor elements and understanding of mechanics and design, he plays an essential role in our production process both during events and on a day-to-day basis.

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