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Small enough for a creative, custom solution. Big enough to have the services and expertise in every area of design and production.

Design & Production

We work with planners to communicate a clear and strong vision of their event. Then, we collaborate to create a custom design that efficiently delivers their message. Production is a step-by-step process handled in-house by our team of experts to ensure that every detail— from stage, to room decor, to table elements—  is precisely brought to life.
Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Rendering & CAD Drawings

An often overlooked element by many organizations is developing consistent brand recognition within the event itself. Within our very first concepts we are already taking inspiration from brand identity, from small cues in letterhead to event specific themes developed for invitations. These all come to fruition with our in house 3D rendering. Not everyone has a chalkboard mind so we are here to craft professional drawings to help you truly visualize your event. While we pride ourselves on our renderings, we promise to deliver an experience that is better than you pictured.

Concept & 3D Branding

Branding a corporate event even in minor ways can result in a major impact. We work with clients to help them decide the best way to do so. Incorporating a company’s logo in clever ways, such as on a vase in the center of each table, or custom pens for a Literary-themed Brunch, enhances the sense of connection between the company, their event, and its attendees. We’ve designed and provided custom Studio 75 “PenFed” themed record coasters as groovy keepsakes for attendees. In some cases, bigger is better, and that has resulted in some pretty cool custom graphic backdrops that can be repurposed at future events.
Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Stage, Exhibit & Environment

Setting a stage is not new territory, with decades of experience in actual theatre houses, we have a sense of familiarity that runs seamlessly. In what is a smaller stage, exhibit design is a business focuses aspect that is crucial to client engagement while also demonstrating strong brand identity.

An environment is what you make it. We make it fit you. Whether you want a hip art deco metro lounge with craft cocktails or a rooftop oasis that embodies Miami night culture (without the humidity!), we have YOUR solution.

Lighting, Media & A/V

With an award winning lighting designer as our creative director it is hard to overlook something so important and defining in any given event space. So don’t overlook it! Have us create the impact your event demands. Enjoy relief knowing the opening speaker will be visible through the CC iIMAG screens in other conference rooms and event spaces. Did we just reference a broadcast in two different event spaces in the same location? Yes, we can do that for you, too.

Graphics & Props

Graphic design is perhaps the millennials version of a communications degree but it is helpful that we can provide feedback and support when it comes to graphic needs. And when those graphic needs have direction, signage is nothing to fear. Unless that sign directs you to the haunted house, where of course, we can also help provide those ghoulish coffins and zombie props as well.

Centerpieces & Plants

Since our first arrangement some 20+ years ago, we have been incorporating fresh floral design into every event we do. We take pride in the way we keep up on current trends to bring new styles into your ballroom. It only comes natural to our seasoned and award winning designers that work tirelessly to fulfill those 240 table centerpiece orders. Don’t forget the sneezy season— any and all allergies are treated with the utmost concern when designing the centerpiece for the VIP with a sensitive nose.
Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Hospitality Décor

We craft weekly floral arrangements and monthly plant installments for hotel, residential, and office building lobbies. No matter what the existing decor is, our promise is to work with a client to master a design that is just right for their property, every time.

Staging, Carpet & Furniture

We can build a stage from the ground up—literally! If you require special riser or ramp needs which a given venue cannot accommodate, look no further. How about a few plush chairs for an Oprah-style stage set?  We can do that too!

Need a chic lounge area for a VIP reception? With or without charging stations?! Just let us know where to roll out the red carpet. (or Astro-Turf, if that’s your thing)

Encore Decor's Services
Encore Decor's Services

Drapes, Banners & Backdrops

A visit to Las Vegas perhaps? Maybe a high tech look or organic expression of the genetic code. Who knows what our next client will want— we just know that it has to be right!


Let us help find entertainment for your next event. We’ve provided an eclectic range of performers— from a local award-winning swing orchestra at an Italian evening soiree, to an edgy NYC zombie – burlesque group at a mega Halloween bash at the Gaylord, to drum circles and DJs in between!

Encore Decor's Services
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